Target Audience: representatives from Credit Rating Bodies involved in the quality assurance of their credit rating processes.

This workshop lasts for a half a day and will provide delegates with information about the SCQF principles relating to quality assurance of the credit rating process, the ongoing monitoring of credit rated programmes and an understanding of the additional considerations and requirements when credit rating and monitoring programmes belonging to another organisation. It is designed to support individuals who are or may be involved in designing, developing and monitoring credit rating processes within their organisation.

The workshop will provide key information about designing credit rating systems, the ongoing quality monitoring of credit rated programmes and working with third party organisations. The session will provide some practical hints and tips and a chance to share experiences with colleagues from other CRBs as well as practical exercises looking at quality assurance structures and processes.

After completing this workshop, participants will have a sound knowledge of the quality assurance principles for credit rating, the requirements for ongoing monitoring and the issues to consider when carrying out third party credit rating. Participants should have a knowledge of the SCQF and the process of credit rating. For a refresher of the credit rating process please see the links below:

Case studies - criteria for credit rating

Criteria Explained

Key themes addressed over the day:

SCQF Quality Assurance Principles
Working with third party organisations
Quality assurance structures
Ongoing quality assurance arrangements for internal and third party programmes

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