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In order to be on the SCQF, all qualifications have to go through a rigorous, quality assured process of ‘credit rating’ by a Credit Rating Body (CRB). CRBs include colleges, universities and other higher education institutions, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and a small number of other organisations which have been approved by the SCQF Partnership to act as SCQF Credit Rating Bodies.

The information available on this database includes the SCQF Level, and number of SCQF credit points that have been allocated to each programme. One SCQF credit point = 10 notional hours of learning, so the credit points tell you the time that it takes an average learner to complete the programme (just multiply by 10 hours). You can access the SCQF diagram showing all of the levels here

This database includes university degree programmes that are on the SCQF. For general information, ordinary degrees will sit at SCQF level 9 and have 360 SCQF credit points and Honours degrees will sit at level 10 with 480 SCQF credit points with postgraduate programmes sitting at SCQF Levels 11 and 12.

The degrees of the Open University are credit rated for the SCQF, however in terms of its undergraduate degree programmes the credit value allocated follows the credit framework guidelines of the FHEQ (England, Wales & NI). Therefore, unless where noted otherwise, honours degrees of the OU will consist of 360 SCQF credit points and not 480 SCQF credits and Integrated Masters will consist of 480 SCQF credit points and not 600 SCQF Credit Points as traditionally the case in Scottish universities/HEIs under the credit guidelines of the FQHEIS (Scotland).

The SCQF Database is populated through a range of Credit Rating Bodies (CRBs) and other sources, which includes HEI CRB programme titles from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (except in relation to Open University programmes). Additional information for programmes relating to SCQF levels and SCQF credit points has been added by the SCQF Partnership. In addition, universities/HEIs may supplement this information and upload other additional programmes owned by the universities/HEIs themselves and also for third parties where they act as an SCQF Credit Rating Body.

Archived information on HEI/university programmes may pre-date information from UCAS and may be from a range of other sources.

This database does not provide information about the availability of programmes being offered at particular institutions. For that type of information please contact the institution itself or view the institution’s own website. For further details about SQA qualifications such as Nationals, Highers or HNCs and HNDs please view SQA’s website.

It is also important to note that this is not a database of all qualifications and programmes in Scotland because not all qualifications and programmes are on the SCQF. Other qualifications/programmes that are not on the SCQF may still be offered in Scotland and you should refer to individual providers for further information. Alternatively the SDS My World of Work website may be able to provide further information.

The data within the database is sourced/uploaded from SCQF Credit Rating Bodies and other partner organisations and SCQFP makes efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information however the SCQFP does not accept liability from any reliance on information contained within the database.

This database has previously been updated and improved with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union prior to the UK leaving the EU.

NB: This is not a database of all qualifications in Scotland because not all qualifications are on the SCQF.  



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