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Are you studying or about to start college or university? Maybe you want to undertake a qualification whilst working or returning to education after a break. The SCQF is there to help you make sense of qualifications and plan the next move in your learning journey.

Understanding the level of the learning you’ve achieved

You might be studying or about to study an HNC, an HND, a degree or an SVQ. Have a look at our Interactive Framework to see where these sit on the SCQF. 


Recognising all the learning you’ve achieved

There are lots of learning programmes recognised on the SCQF that you might undertake in the workplace or in your spare time and it’s important that you include these in your CV.

Search our database for details of these programmes. It’s easy to use! 


Equality of qualifications

The SCQF promotes equality of qualifications. For instance, a Certificate in Youth Counselling owned by the Institute of Counselling sits at level 8 on the SCQF which is the same level as an HND, a Diploma of Higher Education or a Higher Apprenticeship.

They might be very different types of learning but you still have to use the same level of skills to achieve them.

This is why it’s really important to include all the learning you’ve achieved on your CV and remember to include the SCQF level.

Know Your Level

Watch this short video from Nicola Smith, the SCQF Partnership's Lead for Projects and Employer Support. Nicola explains how the SCQF can support your journey and talk you through how to use our Know Your Level tool and Interactive Framework to discover the SCQF level of your qualifications, skills and experience.

Planning your learning journey

Sometimes we know where we’re going next and what we want to do. For example, you might have studied at school and been sure you were going to university next. However, you might prefer to go to college and do some vocational training or learn whilst working through a Modern Apprenticeship. The SCQF can help you work out your next move. Have a look at our learner journey case studies

Got a burning question? Download our leaflet for post school learners, have a look at our FAQs section or Get in touch 

Going through the Uni-Link programme was right for me. I would recommend this route to anyone who would like the opportunity of University. I have hugely benefited from this path. College sets you up nicely for the University experience and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to pursue this path.

Christopher Greig, Former Student of Robert Gordon University

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