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The SCQF Partnership staff team has responsibility for all matters relating to the quality and integrity of the Framework, working with Credit Rating Bodies and promoting the benefits of the Framework for lifelong learning.

The team supports employers, schools, third sector organisations and others interested in having their programmes credit rated. We also use a wide range of communications tools, develop resources and provide workshops.

The Framework is now 22 years old and is acknowledged internationally as a well-established national qualifications framework. We continue to be involved in a variety of projects and events relating to educational and national framework developments domestically, in Europe and across the world.

Our Team Members

Head shot of Pauline Radcliffe

Pauline Radcliffe

Chief Executive


0141 225 2920
07824 865 019

Sheila Dunn

Sheila Dunn

Head of Quality Enhancement and Recognition


0141 225 2921
07824 865 059

 Sheila Dunn, Head of Quality Enhancement and Recognition

Marissa Lippiatt

Marissa Lippiatt

Head of Development and Engagement


0141 225 2925 
07825 054 990

Helen Murdoch-Wilson

Helen Murdoch-Wilson

Lead: Quality Assurance and Enhancement 
Support for institutions and other CRBs, Advice on becoming a CRB, Database


0141 225 2924 
07818 076 505

Fiona Garry

Fiona Garry

Lead: Recognition of Prior Learning
Support for institutions and other credit rating bodies, RPL, College Ambassadors


0141 225 2932
07824 351 593

Donnie Wood

Donnie Wood

Lead: Learning Pathways
School Ambassadors, CLD, My Skills, My Future Workshops Host


0141 225 2923
07909 397 585

Nicola Smith headshot

Nicola Smith

Lead: Projects and Employer Support

Employer Engagement, Veterans, Learning for Sustainability, Third Party Credit Rating, SCQF Forum


0141 225 2926
07889 812 516

Samantha Houten Feeley

Samantha Houten Feeley

Communications and Marketing Officer


0141 225 2927
07824 837 446


Lynda Short

Lynda Short

Digital Communications Officer



0141 225 2928


Maureen Boyle

Maureen Boyle

Laura Wilding

Laura Wilding

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