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Level descriptors are fundamental to the SCQF and to the process of credit rating onto the SCQF. The SCQF Level Descriptors describe in broad terms what learners should do or demonstrate at a particular level. Each level descriptor is described in terms of 5 characteristics. (You can still download the original level descriptors document).

This online tool has been designed primarily for credit rating teams (raters/vetters) within Credit Rating Bodies to aid their record keeping and decision making but may also be useful for programme development teams and (Recognition of Prior Learning) RPL practitioners amongst others. The tool allows you to select a range of characteristics across SCQF levels and print or save this as a single reference document. A notes section is also available which can allow you to add some commentary/context or rationale as well as other information such as a date, a name, committee title etc to your downloaded document. We have also incorporated the glossary of terms included from the original level descriptor document for easy reference so if you click on a word with a dotted line the glossary definition will appear in a pop up box.

To get started, decide whether you would like to look at the descriptors by level or by characteristic and select this on the top tab. You can then tick the boxes of any characteristics or levels that you feel are relevant to your purpose, add text to the comment box and the hit Print and Save button. You will see a preview of your document and can then save it as a PDF or go straight to print by selecting the correct option in destination. 


The following descriptions are for guidance only – it is not expected that every point will necessarily be covered.

Please filter between "Characteristics" or "Levels". You can select each item to save and print your favourites.

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