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Why become a Credit Rating Body?

Does your organisation design and develop qualifications and /or learning programmes which have a formal assessment?

Do you already have programmes credit rated on the SCQF?

Do you have programmes you would like to be credit rated and you would like to do this yourself?

You might want to consider becoming an SCQFP Approved Credit Rating Body.

An SCQFP Approved CRB can allocate levels and credit points to their own learning programmes (credit rate) and enter them onto the SCQF.

Any organisation wanting to become a CRB must fulfil the criteria detailed in our Quality Assurance Model (QAM) and will be subject to initial quality assurance approval and ongoing monitoring activities. 


The Process:

The first stage of the process is to contact us here at the SCQF Partnership to indicate your interest and have an initial discussion regarding the process. The whole process takes around 6-9 months and costs £9000 (2023) and involves a detailed submission and scrutiny process.

We don’t put the application form on the website so please email Helen Murdoch-Wilson or call 07818 076 505 to have a chat or arrange a meeting.

We can also provide information sessions on the process for your senior/executive teams, so just give us a call.

Information Notes on Becoming an SCQF Approved Credit Rating Body

Third-Party Credit Rating

Once you have been operating as a CRB for at least 1 year and have demonstrated ongoing credit rating activities you can, if you wish, apply to obtain authority to credit rate programmes belonging to other organisations who may wish to have them placed on the SCQF. Some of our CRBs offer this service to partners as part of specific projects and some offer it as a commercial service.

There is a separate application and scrutiny process for this, with an associated fee of £2,000 (2023).

If you are already one of our SCQFP Approved Credit Rating Bodies and you are interested in expanding your credit rating activities, just get in touch to arrange a discussion.

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