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So you’ve been in the armed forces and about to enter civilian life in Scotland. There’s a lot to think about and one of the main priorities may well be getting a job or entering further learning.

You’ll have gained some qualifications whilst being enlisted, not to mention a whole wealth of skills and experience. But what does this all mean? That’s where the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) can help...


What is the SCQF?

  • It’s Scotland’s lifelong learning Framework.
  • It covers a wide variety of qualifications from school, college, university and the workplace.
  • It clearly shows that qualifications have the same worth whether achieved through school, college, university and the workplace.


What can the SCQF do?

  • It can help you understand more clearly the qualifications landscape in Scotland.
  • It can help you plan your future learning journey.
  • It can help employers and institutions understand the qualifications you have gained.
  • It can help you understand your transferable skills.
  • It can help you progress in your learning and gain credit for what you've achieved.


The SCQF diagram /Interactive Framework


But what about the qualifications you gained in Service?

Some of the qualifications you gained while serving may be recognised on the SCQF or maybe English qualifications and therefore you may be concerned whether they will be recognised and accepted in Scotland by employers or by educational institutions.

There may be qualifications that you gained whilst serving that are not listed. If you are unsure, then drop us a line on or call us on 0141 225 2922.

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