What is My Skills, My Future?

My Skills, My Future is a suite of resources aimed at supporting individuals in identifying the skills they have gained from other experiences outwith formal qualifications.

Who benefits from My Skills, My Future?

The resources are aimed primarily at young people who have left, or may be about to leave school with few or no formal qualifications. However, it can also be used with young people who may have been made redundant from their first job, adult returners or the long term unemployed.

How does it work?

Advisers from a wide range of organisations can use these resources with individuals over one or more sessions to identify their transferable skills through a series of practical and engaging activities. These skills are then bench-marked against the SCQF to help individuals understand the level of their informal learning.

The resource also helps them to develop a set of competency based statements that can be used in a CV, to access further training or to use in job applications. Individuals can then work with advisers to agree a future plan of action based on their strengths.

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