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What is the SCQF School Ambassador Programme?

The SCQF School Ambassador programme offers schools the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the SCQF and the wider ways in which it supports learners such as recognising wider achievement, developing Senior Phase learning pathways in line with the Developing the Young Workforce strategy and giving equality between vocational and academic qualifications.

New Tiered Approach

The new approach to our School Ambassador Programme offers schools a better way of measuring progression:

Bronze: Developing knowledge of the SCQF and exploring new pathways.

Silver: SCQF awareness amongst staff, pupils and parents. Some curriculum pathways developed.

Gold: SCQF embedded in school practice. School offering a significant range of senior phase pathways.   


Why should our school get involved?

There are many benefits of getting involved with the SCQF School Ambassador Programme including:

  • Free tailored training for school staff to become SCQF Ambassadors 

  • A set of dedicated resources to allow ambassadors to deliver in house training for pupils and staff and events for parents and carers

  • A thorough understanding of all the benefits of the SCQF for staff and learners as well as parents and carers 

  • A set of dedicated resources to allow Ambassadors to deliver in-house events 

  • The opportunity for staff and pupils to be involved in events which showcase the different ways in which the SCQF can be used

  • Opportunities to participate in real-life projects 

  • Competitions run by the SCQF Partnership 

Once you register interest, a member of the SCQF Partnership Team will contact you to explain the programme in more detail and agree on a date to come and conduct the training. 

Your school will receive in-house training for staff and/or pupils who are interested in becoming Ambassadors. 

This free training will equip individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to be able to pass on their learning to other school pupils also wishing to become SCQF Ambassadors in subsequent years.

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