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There are clear and widely recognised benefits to having a learning programme credit rated and currently over 10,500 different programmes sit on the SCQF covering both mainstream provision, professional learning and a wide range of wider achievement, community based, transition and evening class programmes.

What is Credit Rating?

Credit rating is the process of allocating an SCQF Level and Credit Points to a qualification or learning programme so that it can be placed on to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework by a Credit Rating Body. 

The short video below highlights the 4 basic criteria a programme needs to meet in order to be credit rated.


Organisations that are credit rating bodies (CRBs) can carry out credit rating for the SCQF. These are Scotland’s colleges, Scottish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), SQA and a number of other organisations that have been approved by the SCQF Partnership.  The full list of CRBs is available here.

If you work in one of these organisations in addition to liaising with your key credit rating contact in your CRB there a number of key SCQF resources that you will want to familiarise yourself with if you are thinking of developing a programme that you plan to credit rate or alternatively have a programme that you currently offer and would like to credit rate




The SCQF Partnership provides ongoing support to CRBs and has developed a range of workshops to complement the information contained in the SCQF Handbook and other resources.

To arrange a bespoke support session for staff please contact Fiona Garry 

If you are interested in having a programme credit rated and are not an existing SCQFP CRB the following links will allow you to understand how you can work with a CRB or perhaps explore becoming a CRB in your own right.

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