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Thank you for visiting our training page. You will be here as your organisation is either interested in, or has already signed up to, our SCQF Inclusive Recruiter Recognition Scheme. 

There are four key things that we ask our SCQF Inclusive Recruiters to do

  1. Understand and be able to compare qualifications taken in Scotland and elsewhere
  2. Ensure you are recruiting at the right level by benchmarking your job roles to the SCQF
  3. Use SCQF levels when recruiting, rather than specific qualifications (*where possible)
  4. Be open to skills and experience instead of, or as well as, qualifications at the required level

The following videos will take you through what you need to know so you can recruit more widely, inclusively and successfully using the SCQF.

*there are some roles which will require a specific qualification (e.g. to satisfy regulatory body requirements or where very specific knowledge is required)

Further information about everything discussed on this page can be found in Support for Employers

Why become an SCQF Inclusive Recruiter?

SCQF Development Officer Nicola Smith explains what the Inclusive Recruiter programme is and how it can benefit the recruitment processes in your business or organisation. Further information can be found at SCQF Inclusive Recruiter

SCQF Inclusive Recruiter logo

Understanding qualifications

Learn about the SCQF and how the Framework helps employers compare qualifications, skills and experience during the recruitment process. All the publications discussed in this video can be found at Understanding Qualifications

The Employer Levelling Tool

Find out how to recruit at the right level for job roles using the SCQF Employer Levelling Tool. Further information can be found at Employer Levelling Tool and Know You Level – Job Roles

Take our Knowledge Quiz

We hope this series of videos has helped you to better understand Scotland’s changing qualifications landscape and how you can use the SCQF, Scotland’s national qualifications and skills framework, to recruit more widely and inclusively.

You can now take our knowledge quiz to test your understanding of the things we have discussed. Feel free to look back at the videos or webpages if you need any help.



If there is anything you are not sure about, feel free to get in touch with Nicola Smith at n.smith@scqf.org.uk

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