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Within the Partnership, we have extensive knowledge and expertise and we can offer themed and bespoke study visits and online sessions for International organisations on a range of topics relating to the SCQF. 

We are part of many national networks and can access key players across the qualifications and education landscape in Scotland to provide comprehensive study visits to suit the needs of interested parties across Europe and internationally.

If you are interested in an in-person study visit or a bespoke online session, please complete our Information Gathering Form for International Study Visits and email it to info@scqf.org.uk. Please note that at the current time, our capacity for accommodating physical in-person visits to our offices is limited to 16.

A typical Study group can learn about:

  • the SCQF, its origins, functions and operations and other UK frameworks, their implementation, commonalities and differences, use and benefits;

  • how we have embedded the SCQF over the last 21 years in Scotland

  • our experience in referencing the SCQF to the EQF and other NQFs and the impact assessment of NQFs

  • SCQF Partnership’s experience and perspectives on how qualifications frameworks are benefiting learners.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in Scotland

  • How we work with stakeholders including employers, awarding bodies, colleges, universities and other key sectors in Scotland.

The content of visits and online sessions can be contextualised to the organisational needs of individual groups.

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