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Helping You Understand Qualifications

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is Scotland's national qualifications framework and provides a way of recognising, describing and comparing the difficulty and 'size' of a whole range of qualifications and learning programmes.

In addition to mainstream qualifications which many employers will recognise -  Nationals, Highers, SVQs and Degrees - the SCQF also acknowledges Apprenticeships and learning programmes developed and delivered by companies or other organisations for their staff.

SCQF 'Levels' help you to understand the difficulty of the qualification, while 'Credit Points' indicate the amount of learning involved (i.e. how long it would take on average for an employee to complete). This information can help employers and employees contextualise their learning in relation to job roles in the workplace.

Use the interactive framework diagram to see where today's qualifications sit on the framework or compare the changing qualifications from the 1960s through to today using our Old V New resource.

Using the SCQF in Recruitment

When recruiting staff, how you specify the level of skill or competence that you need applicants to have is important. Job adverts often ask for applicants to have a degree or equivalent, but do employers know what the equivalent is or are they simply looking for candidates to have a degree?

By using the SCQF levels in your recruitment processes, including your job description and advert, you will increase the pool of potential talent from which to select and you and your potential employees can better understand the skills you need. See our Employer Guide and Levelling Tool.

Book a free 1:1 Session

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with understanding the SCQF in the recruitment process, you can book a 1:1 session with our Employer Engagement Lead, Nicola Smith. She will talk you through the range of free materials and support that we offer, and let you know how you can become an SCQF Inclusive Recruiter. 

Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries

We work closely with the Qualifications Frameworks across the UK, and the Republic of Ireland to annually update the popular leaflet, Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries, showing the relationship of each Framework to the EQF. This is a handy resource for employers recruiting from across the UK and Ireland.


What employers are saying about our Workshops & Webinars...

I found the Would You Credit It course a really enjoyable and informative course. It was an area I was not confident in but after the practical exercises and wealth of resources and information given, I feel more able to write suitable learning outcomes and levels of units!

Vicky Wilson, Fife Council, 24/04/18

If you are interested in either understanding the SCQF or formalising your company’s training programme, this course is really worth taking the time out for.

George McCormack, Dupont Teijin Films UK Ltd

It was a really comprehensive introduction and even as a relative beginner I came out of it feeling confident and positive about embarking on a credit programme.

Scott Eden, Genesis OHS Ltd

Full of information and clearly delivered, this workshop made learning about the process of becoming credit rated enjoyable. With many practical exercises, I feel I now understand what is involved and can start applying the skills and moving forward with our training programme.

Deirdre Hill, Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Education Course

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