The SCQF Partnership helps employers understand and compare Scottish qualifications. We offer advice and support to employers through a range of resources and free workshops. Choose from the options below to get started.

Become an SCQF Inclusive Recruiter

The aim of the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter Process is to help employers understand that many different qualifications have the same worth and to encourage use of SCQF Levels in the recruitment process in order to offer clarity around skills and experience.

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Understand the range of qualifications in Scotland

Use the framework to compare qualifications

The SCQF recognises a broad range of different qualifications in Scotland, which allows you to understand how qualifications have changed and then easily compare an applicant’s qualifications. The SCQF Partnership can also help you compare qualifications gained outside of Scotland.

Understand Qualifications

Recruitment, Selection and Skills Development

The SCQF Employer Guide and Levelling Tool can help you:

  • identify the skills required for a job and help you write more effective person specifications
  • recruit the person with the right skill set and qualifications
  • Identify and plan skills development for your organisation and staff
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Gain Recognition for your In-House Training Programme(s)

The SCQF Partnership can support you through the credit rating process. 

Allowing you to have your own training programmes placed on the SCQF. National recognition of your programmes will enrich the profile and credibility of your organisation while enhancing retention and staff morale.


RPL for Employers

Using Recognition of Prior Learning can benefit your organisation.

Using RPL can lead to increased employee retention and reduced recruitment and training costs.

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