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The SCQF can help those working in school and community learning environments to meet the aims of Developing the Young Workforce, Closing the Gap and Widening Access, Curriculum for Excellence, Delivering Excellence and Equity by:


  • helping to embed a culture of ambition by recognising and giving credit for all achievements

  • ensuring equal opportunities and parity of esteem for all young people through the recognition of all types of qualifications and learning, not just learning that takes place in the classroom

  • encouraging an awareness of different learning options and how they fit with more traditional learning routes

  • providing a flexible approach to meeting the needs of individuals beyond formal academic qualifications

You can use the SCQF to:

  • understand and recognise the skills young people have gained through different experiences in their lives, including experiences beyond school

  • think about their strengths and areas that they would like to develop

  • recognise learning programmes that they may have undertaken besides formal qualifications, such as voluntary work

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