When recruiting staff, how you specify the level of skill or competence that you need applicants to have is important... 

Qualifications in Scotland have changed a great deal over the past few years. Job applicants can now take a variety of routes to their ideal career. So, it is important for employers to understand the broad range of qualifications available.   

The aim of SCQF Inclusive Recruiter is to help employers understand that many different qualifications have the same worth and to encourage use of SCQF Levels in the recruitment process to offer clarity around skills and experience.

In this challenging climate when job vacancies are scarce it’s even more important to put the right person with the right skills in the right job. 


By using the SCQF levels in your recruitment processes, including your job description and advert, you and your potential employees can better understand the skills you need.


Using SCQF Level 9 as a requirement rather than 'Degree or Equivalent' offers clarity around the skills and experience required to do the job and opens up the application process to a wider group.

Qualifications recognised at SCQF Level 9 include:

✔️ Professional Development Awards

✔️ Bachelors/Ordinary Degree

✔️ Graduate Diploma

✔️ Graduate Certificate

✔️ Graduate Apprenticeship

✔️ Technical Apprenticeship

✔️ SVQ

Benefits to Employers:

  • Access to a diverse talent pool
  • Confidence that you can satisfy your skills needs
  • Bring new skills and knowledge into your business
  • A better understanding of the broad range of Scottish qualifications and how they compare
  • Compliance with government policy e.g 2010 Equality Act


Benefits to Individuals:

  • A clearer understanding of the skills required for the job
  • Confidence that you have the skills to make a successful application (saving time when searching vacancies)
  • Confidence that you can meet employer expectations
  • Assurance that the employer has up-to-date knowledge of qualifications 
  • Recognition by the employer of a range of relevant qualifications, both academic and vocational


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The Process

Upon completion of a Memorandum of Understanding all staff involved in the recruitment process will receive access to some short online training. This includes:

  • an introduction to the SCQF
  • an understanding of the broad range of qualifications on the Framework
  • how to level your existing job descriptions
  • an overview of SCQF resources and tools

In addition, you will receive materials that will enable you to display the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter logo on your website, job adverts, and applications, letterheads and anywhere else you deem appropriate.

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