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Recognising your Training

Many employers have developed rigorous and challenging training that satisfies business need and is highly valued by staff but does not receive any recognition outside of the workplace. By having internal training SCQF credit rated your training will receive national recognition not just in Scotland but throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

We are very pleased to be working jointly with both the employer and employees to find a way for Aegon training to receive national recognition and for employees to benefit by having the level of their knowledge, skills and understanding formally endorsed.

Bobby Pringle - Platform Academy Manager, Aegon UK

What is SCQF credit rating?

It is a mechanism for organisations, large or small, to formally allocate SCQF levels and credits to their learning and have that learning placed on Scotland’s national qualifications framework.


Who is it for?

Any organisation wishing to formally acknowledge their in-house training or informal training sessions.


Why should I have my learning programme(s) recognised on the SCQF?

  • Ensures your learning programmes will be recognised not just in Scotland but across the rest of UK and Europe;
  • Helps you to relate your learning programmes to nationally recognised qualifications;
  • Adds value to your in-house training and could give you an edge over the competition;
  • Recognises the learning achieved by your employees, improving their morale and self-esteem;
  • Makes your organisation a more attractive and rewarding place to work for prospective and current employees.


Who credit rates?

Any of the following Credit Rating Bodies (CRBs) are able to credit rate programmes on behalf of other organisations:

  • Universities*
  • Colleges*
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority

(* Please note that not all universities and colleges provide a credit rating service. We can advise you on who best to approach based on your geographical location and the expected SCQF level of your learning programme)

There are also a number of other organisations that are able to credit rate their own programmes only. Learn more about our CRBs.


How do organisations get programmes on to the SCQF?

They follow a consistent process of credit rating with guidance from SCQF Partnership.
Any programme has the potential to be included on the Framework, provided that the programme meets the following criteria:

  • must be based on learning outcomes;
  • must be a minimum of 10 notional learning hours;
  • must be formally assessed; and
  • must be quality assured.


How do I find out more?

We offer free one day Would you Credit It? workshops to help you understand how to prepare your learning and training programmes for credit rating and we recommend that you register for one of these once you have decided to go ahead.

To find out more about the SCQF and the process of having your learning and training recognised on the Framework, contact us on 0141 225 2922 or email info@scqf.org.uk


What employers are saying about our Workshops & Webinars...

I found the Would You Credit It course a really enjoyable and informative course. It was an area I was not confident in but after the practical exercises and wealth of resources and information given, I feel more able to write suitable learning outcomes and levels of units!

Vicky Wilson, Fife Council, 24/04/18

If you are interested in either understanding the SCQF or formalising your company’s training programme, this course is really worth taking the time out for.

George McCormack, Dupont Teijin Films UK Ltd

It was a really comprehensive introduction and even as a relative beginner I came out of it feeling confident and positive about embarking on a credit programme.

Scott Eden, Genesis OHS Ltd

Full of information and clearly delivered, this workshop made learning about the process of becoming credit rated enjoyable. With many practical exercises, I feel I now understand what is involved and can start applying the skills and moving forward with our training programme.

Deirdre Hill, Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Education Course

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