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  • About the SCQF - Info Guide
    Information guide about the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.
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  • Communicating the SCQF - A Guide for Credit Rating Bodies
    For use in Marketing/Communications.
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  • Credit Points Explained
    Within the SCQF the minimum number of credits recognised for a learning programme is one which represents a notional 10 hours of learning.
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  • Criteria Explained
    This Information should be read in conjunction with the SCQF Handbook: User Guide which is a technical document that describes the key features and technicalities of the Framework along with approaches that should be followed in its implementation.
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  • European Developments Explained
    This leaflet is primarily for SCQF Credit Rating Bodies and others that recognise learning in Scotland. It provides a brief explanation of the European dimension in relation to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework and signposts to further information.
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  • Framework Diagram
    Handy framework Diagram to help you compare qualifications in Scotland.
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  • Framework Diagram (A6)
    Handy Framework Diagram resource. Get in touch to order your free copies
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  • Guidance on using the Level 1 Descriptor
    This guide aims to provide additional supplementary information and guidance for those credit rating programmes at SCQF Level 1 and should be read in conjunction with the SCQF Handbook and SCQF Credit Rating Criteria Explained where the detailed processes of credit rating are outlined.
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  • Learning for Sustainability - Self-Assessment Criteria for SCQF CRBs
    Self-assessment Toolkit to enable CRBs or programme owners to establish if the credit rated programme meets Learning for Sustainability (LfS) criteria.
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