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Background to Azilo Training

Azilo Training is a leading training provider in Childcare, Health & Social Care and Education sectors throughout Scotland. We are focused on delivering innovative, high quality training programmes and apprenticeships to ensure that every learner has a unique experience. We tailor our learners' training to their individual requirements, propelling them to achieve their chosen career aspirations. We provide excellent guidance, training and professional development to ensure that learners become skilled, knowledgeable and invaluable members of their care sector. We work collaboratively with employers to develop training packages to meet their company’s needs to secure a sustainable workforce.

We currently have 14 employees within our training company with our main office in Musselburgh.


How did you find out about the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter programme & why did you decide to join up?

I had seen posts on social media from the SCQF Partnership and decided to look into more within their website. As I was going to be recruiting for more assessors to join our team I decided to go through the assessment process to become an Inclusive Recruiter and to promote SCQF levels when advertising posts.


How has using SCQF levels in your recruitment benefited your organisation?

During our most recent recruitment I have experienced a higher response in applicants submitting their CVs by promoting the SCQF levels in our job adverts. Albeit none of the applicants held the required assessor award, they were however at SCQF Level 9 and above and had a wealth of experience within the Early Years profession. This was something that we decided as a Company shouldn’t deter us in seeking the right applicant to join our Company, and that we would invest in their CPD by offering the relevant assessor qualification as part of the job offer package.


How easy was it to embed the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter principles within your organisation’s recruitment processes?

As we already embed the main principles of the Equality Act 2010 into our Company policies and procedures, we strive to ensure that all of our employees and apprentices are treated with dignity and respect. Embedding the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter principles into our recruitment process was something that was easy for us to do.


Do you have any plans to further embed the SCQF within your organisation e.g. performance management/job evaluation/workforce planning?

As part of our Company’s commitment to acknowledge our employees’ skills and abilities, we will look at how we can utilise other aspects of the SCQF, in particular the tools on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and devising an RPL Policy to meet the needs of our business. Attending the free workshops that are also being offered by the SCQFP will assist us in this.


For more information on the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter programme and how using SCQF levels in your recruitment can have a positive impact on your business, visit Become an SCQF Inclusive Recruiter.


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