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Galashiels Academy on being an SCQF Ambassador School

Staff at Galashiels Academy recognised a gap in their provision, especially for senior phase pupils who are talented but struggle with exams, so they worked hard to create a curriculum for S4-S6 that meets the needs of all of their young people.

In many cases, S6 pupils have already achieved sufficient Higher passes to pursue their post-school learning pathway, so choose subjects that will enhance and improve their life skills and strengthen their leadership capabilities.

Many of the subjects offered are continually assessed with no exam at the end of the year. Subjects referred to in the video include:

• Mental Health & Wellbeing Award at SCQF level 5
• Personal Development Award at SCQF level 6
• Personal Finance Award at SCQF Level 5
• Experimenting in Art – National Progression Award (NPA) Art & Design at SCQF level 5
• NPA Exercise & Fitness Leadership at SCQF levels 5 & 6
• Leadership Award at SCQF level 6

In this video, head teacher, Kevin Ryalls, explains how staff came together to improve learning pathways and choices for their young people, and S6 pupils at Galashiels Academy talk about the benefits of undertaking these learning programmes at SCQF levels 5 and 6.


Find out more about the SCQF School Ambassador Programme

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