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Job roles at SCQF Level 3 are likely to be undertaken in a context where familiarity and routine are an important contributory factor to the individual’s capacity to complete tasks. The work may involve responsibility for providing simple and narrowly defined services for customers or other employees under frequent supervision. The job holder should be able to take account of common risks and know when to seek advice or guidance. These roles may require the job holder to carry out tasks as an individual or as part of a team.

Representative Competencies of Job Holders at SCQF Level 3

Scope of Work Carries out familiar and routine tasks in familiar contexts with prompting.
Degree of Autonomy Works on simple tasks under frequent directive supervision.
Processes Identifies a process, with prompting, to deal with situations or issues which arise in carrying out pre-planned tasks; participates in setting of goals and schedules; seeks help when appropriate.
Contribution to Quality Participates in the review of completed work and the identification of ways of improving practices and processes.
Skills Uses simple core skills and basic/routine work-related skills; uses basic tools and materials with guidance to carry out familiar/routine tasks; processes related data and accesses relevant information.
Knowledge Draws on basic facts which can be related to the general work of the sector.
Personal Development Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses given simple criteria to apply.

Job Role

Representative responsibilities

Jobs at this level will involve carrying out simple tasks in familiar, everyday contexts in an area of work under frequent directive supervision and with some prompting. Work will be restricted, directed and regularly supervised. The scope for organising and negotiating work will be limited. The timescales affecting tasks will be short-term.

Representative tasks and duties

These may include:

  • Carrying out limited and routine manual or administrative tasks following standard procedures
  • Following simple procedures with prompting to ensure that routine supplies or resources are available to meet requirements
  • Participating in carrying out routine arrangements in support of colleagues
  • Following clearly described approaches to a task following clearly described criteria or checklists
  • Assisting with routine record-keeping, filing, data entry, and/or checking information
  • Communicating with internal and external service users in an appropriate manner


Knowledge and skills

Jobs at this level may require the use of simple communication, numeracy and ICT skills. The ability to follow procedures and to work safely, responsibly and carefully may be important. Prompting may be required.

Examples of qualifications at SCQF Level 3

National 3 (Nat3), Access 3, and a range of other courses available in the workplace and community  (see SCQF Database)


Does this describe your abilities / job role?

This does not have to be an exact match in all areas, but the best description for the key aspects of your job role.

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