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Job roles at SCQF Level 6 may involve responsibility for providing support or services in a range of areas, where overall objectives are clear but elements of the work may not be routine. Job holders may operate under minimal supervision and take responsibility for planning work, maintaining materials and equipment and record-keeping. Jobs may involve some supervisory responsibility within a defined or supervised structure.

Representative Competencies of Job Holders at SCQF Level 6

Scope of Work Carries out clearly defined activities in which a number of tasks, including non-routine or new tasks, are combined; normally works in familiar contexts.
Degree of Autonomy Works under non-directive supervision of own work; may lead teams and supervise others within a clear structure; works with a manager or supervisor to set goals and responsibilities for self and/or team; takes limited responsibility for managing resources.
Processes Applies knowledge and understanding; plans how skills will be used to address known or anticipated work situations and problems; makes adaptations as necessary; addresses straightforward problems and issues, by generalising, making predictions, drawing conclusions and suggesting solutions.
Contribution to Quality Takes a significant role in reviewing work and improving practices and processes.
Skills Uses a wide range of routine techniques, practices, tools and materials.
Knowledge Draws on a range of the knowledge, facts, theories, ideas, materials, terminology, practices and techniques which are essential to the work area or sector.
Personal Development Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses as they apply to work in hand or to planned work.

Job Role

Representative responsibilities

Jobs at this level may require the completion of activities which depend on an understanding of processes and systems. The work might also require the ability to use knowledge to recognise and address technical problems which may arise. Job holders may be expected to organise or adapt their own work or the work of a team to deal with changing circumstances and requirements, within a defined structure of operation.

Representative tasks and duties

These may include:

  • planning and monitoring work against schedules and standards
  • making decisions on approaches required to complete scheduled work
  • ensuring that necessary resources are available to carry out scheduled work
  • ensuring that tasks are completed correctly and on schedule and that all relevant quality standards are met in the course of the work
  • maintain financial and/or stock records, preparing standard reports
  • contributing to evaluation of work/a service
  • proposing/implementing improvements to current practices or processes
  • alerting managers to foreseen or emerging trends and issues


Knowledge and skills

Jobs at this level may require good technical and practical skills backed by good skills when working with others. These may have been gained through practical experience and/or training. Jobs may require a sound working knowledge of relevant systems, equipment, processes and procedures including standard software packages and an understanding of relevant policies, procedures and quality standards, as they affect the role. Jobs may require supervision of other staff within a defined structure, or the evaluation of work with a view to contributing towards improvement.

Examples of qualifications at SCQF Level 6

Higher, SVQ at SCQF Level 6, Foundation Apprenticeship, Modern Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 6, and a wide range of other courses available in the workplace and community (see SCQF Database)

Does this describe your abilities / job role?

This does not have to be an exact match in all areas, but the best description for the key aspects of your job role.

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