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Job roles at SCQF Level 9 may involve providing advice or support in a specialised technical or professional field to organisations or large departments and making recommendations on managing complex processes, situations or issues. Individuals may be responsible for planning and organising their own work or that of a team of professional colleagues who may be undertaking a range of differing activities.

Representative Competencies of Job Holders at SCQF Level 9

Scope of Work Works across an area of professional or technical activity, which involves some unpredictable aspects.
Degree of Autonomy Works autonomously and uses initiative within professional/ethical codes of practice. Manages others and/or is responsible for a range of resources. Works under guidance with other specialists. Seeks advice on professional and/or ethical issues where appropriate.
Processes Applies and communicates knowledge and understanding of current issues, specialisms, techniques or developments in the sector to deal with foreseen and unforeseen difficulties and achieve planned goals.
Contribution to Quality Manages the measurement of progress, improvement in practices and processes; may lead enquiries and/or research activities related to quality and effectiveness of work.
Skills Uses a range of routine, advanced and specialised professional skills, techniques and practices; undertakes critical analysis, evaluation and/or synthesis of these.
Knowledge Draws on knowledge of the scope, defining features, main areas and boundaries of the sector; understands developments at the forefront of the sector in some specialist areas.
Personal Development Keeps abreast of forefront developments in a specialist area and in professional codes and practices; is aware of own limitations and boundaries and the limitations of professional and ethical codes. Demonstrates an awareness of others’ roles and responsibilities and their own impact on these.

Job Role

Representative responsibilities

Jobs at this level can require the exercise of independence and initiative in relation to given responsibilities. The work may entail co-ordinating activities across a number of work areas and the job holder is likely to have to deal with changing contingencies and priorities. They may manage delegated budgets. Jobs may require independence within general guidelines in planning and progressing work and dealing with practical issues which arise, using informed judgement.

Representative tasks and duties

These may include:

  • leading projects/project teams with fixed and time-bound remits
  • monitoring and maintaining records
  • giving specialist/professional advice to support decision making by managers at the same or more senior levels
  • conducting and presenting analyses and/or evaluations and putting forward recommendations
  • creating reports to meet in-house requirements and external requirements – e.g. for audits
  • identifying gaps in management information and taking steps to remedy these
  • designing and implementing system modifications to improve efficiency
  • designing and/or delivering training to improve the quality of services or products


Knowledge and skills

Jobs at this level may require detailed operational knowledge of systems relevant to the field of work and a clear understanding of the regulations and codes of practice which govern the role. Roles may require proven analytical and problem solving capability.


Examples of qualifications at SCQF Level 9

Bachelors/Ordinary Degree, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Graduate or Technical Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 9, SVQ at SCQF Level 9, and a wide range of other courses available in the workplace and community (see SCQF Database).

Does this describe your abilities / job role?

This does not have to be an exact match in all areas, but the best description for the key aspects of your job role.

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