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Know Your Level Social Media Toolkit

This year marks 21 years of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) supporting lifelong learning. Since its inception in 2001, the SCQF has been Scotland’s National Qualifications Framework, helping people of all ages and stages plan their learning journey.

The qualifications landscape and job market are constantly changing, particularly in the last 2 years with some sectors struggling whilst others flourish. In this fast changing environment, it is now more important than ever for individuals and employers to not only understand the range of different qualifications that exist in Scotland and beyond, but also to recognise what that equivalent skills and experience might look like.

How does our tool help job applicants?

Many individuals have gained skills and experience which could be very valuable to an employer, though they may not hold a formal qualification to prove this. So, we have enhanced our interactive Framework to help job applicants understand what SCQF level best matches their abilities.

Using SCQF levels in job application forms and CVs helps to better describe skills to a prospective employer, helping job seekers find the right role for them. It can also help learners find the right level of course if they want to continue learning.

Know Your Level - Individuals

How does it help employers?

For employers, the SCQF helps to determine the level of skill or competence required for a particular role when recruiting. Whilst there are jobs that do require specific qualifications, such as those in healthcare or engineering, many are broader in their requirements. Despite this, employers often ask for specific qualifications such as a degree or equivalent, or a particular number of Highers or equivalent.

The Know Your Level tool enables employers to level job roles to the SCQF and complements our SCQF Inclusive Recruiter programme. By using SCQF levels in recruitment processes instead of specific qualifications, employers can significantly widen their pool of applicants, who may have a wealth of skills and experience, or alternative qualifications, at the required level. This allows employers to get the best range of suitable candidates for job roles. Ensuring that people are working at the right level and are fully utilising their skills also helps with employee morale and retention.

Know Your Level - Employers (Job Roles)


How you can help us:

We have created two separate landing pages, one for individuals and another for employers. We will use organic and paid social media ads to drive the right audience to the correct landing page to suits their needs. We do however have a limited budget and so ask for your help to reach as many people as we possibly can.

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Suggested Social Media Posts - Individuals 

We ask that you use the assets below or adjust the content to suit your specific networks to help us drive individuals to this landing page Know your level - Individuals

Not sure how to present your skills and experience to a potential employer? Use this helpful tool from @SCQFPartnership to gain an understanding of your SCQF Level scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-individuals/know-your-level-individuals/ #RecognisingSkills #KnowYourSCQFLevel

Use this helpful tool from @SCQFPartnership to find out what SCQF Level your qualifications, skills, and experience may sit at scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-individuals/know-your-level-individuals/ #RecognisingSkills #KnowYourSCQFLevel

Describing your qualifications, skills, and experience to a potential employer just got easier! Try this helpful tool from @SCQFPartnership scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-individuals/know-your-level-individuals/ #RecognisingSkills #KnowYourSCQFLevel

Using SCQF Levels on your CV can help an employer better understand your level of skills and experience in addition to any qualifications you may have. What level are your skills? scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-individuals/know-your-level-individuals/ #RecognisingSkills #KnowYourSCQFLevel

Don’t have a Degree but think you might have something equivalent...? Try this helpful tool from @SCQFPartnership to understand the SCQF Level of your learning, skills, and experience scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-individuals/know-your-level-individuals/ #RecognisingSkills #KnowYourSCQFLevel

Try the tool from @SCQFPartnership to help you identify the SCQF Level of your qualifications, skills, & experience
✔️ Better describe your skills range to a potential employer
✔️ May increase your chance of interview  

Help change how employers recruit in Scotland. Start by using the levelling tool from @SCQFPartnership to best describe the qualifications, skills and experience you have gained. It’s free and easy to use scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-individuals/know-your-level-individuals/ #RecognisingSkills #KnowYourSCQFLevel

Enhance your CV and improve your chances of interview by using SCQF Levels to describe your qualifications, skills, and experience.
@SCQFPartnership have a handy tool to help you find the level applicable to your skills scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-individuals/know-your-level-individuals/  #RecognisingSkills #KnowYourSCQFLevel


Suggested Social Media Posts - Employers 

We ask that you use the assets below or adjust the content to suit your specific networks to help us drive Employers to this landing page Know Your Level - Job Roles

Recruit in Scotland and want to be more inclusive around the qualifications, skills, and experience you require from applicants? Try the @SCQFPartnership job levelling tool scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-employers/know-your-level-job-roles/ #RecognisingSkills #SCQFLevelsCount

Do you recruit using the term ‘Degree or Equivalent’ but not quite sure what that equivalent is? Try the levelling tool from @SCQFPartnership to help you find the SCQF Level for your job role scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-employers/know-your-level-job-roles/ #RecognisingSkills #SCQFLevelsCount

Unsure how to describe the level of qualifications, skills, and experience you require for a job role? @SCQFPartnership have developed a free tool to help you describe your requirements to potential applicants scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-employers/know-your-level-job-roles/ #RecognisingSkills #SCQFLevelsCount

Using SCQF Levels in the recruitment process helps clarify the skills, experience and qualifications required to do a job and widens your potential pool of applicants! Try the tool from @SCQFPartnership scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-employers/know-your-level-job-roles/  #RecognisingSkills #SCQFLevelsCount

The @SCQFPartnership have a tool to help you identify the SCQF Level of specific job roles.
✔️ widen the pool of potential applicants
✔️ provide clarity around qualifications, skills, and experience required. Try it scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-employers/know-your-level-job-roles/ #RecognisingSkills #SCQFLevelsCount

Help change how employers recruit in Scotland. Start by using the levelling tool from
@SCQFPartnership to best describe the qualifications, skills, and experience required for a job role. It’s easy and free to use scqf.org.uk/support/support-for-employers/know-your-level-job-roles/ #RecognisingSkills #SCQFLevelsCount


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