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Alastair Sim

Alastair Sim took up office as the Director of Universities Scotland on 01 July 2009. Universities Scotland is the representative body of Scotland's 19 higher education institutions. Universities Scotland develops policy on behalf of the university sector and campaigns publicly on higher education issues.

Previously, Alastair was a Civil Servant with the Scottish Office and later the Scottish Government between 1989–2009. He served in a number of departments, including a time as Private Secretary to Minister for Agriculture and the Environment. Alastair developed policy and legislation on constitutional reform and protection of the natural heritage and was seconded to the European Commission. During his career in the Senior Civil Service he was Head of Division, Environment and Rural Affairs; and was seconded to the post of Director of Planning, University of Glasgow; and latterly held the post of Director of Policy and Strategy, Scottish Court Service.

Universities Scotland supports the SCQFP as the custodians of one of the important ways in which learners’ achievements can be recognised, and pathways created for learners to realise their aspirations.


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