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Brian Gorman

Brian appeared in a learning journey video for us in 2017, so we recently caught up to have a chat about him achieving his Honours degree, and how his studies and career have progressed since then.

Brian achieved a BA in Business with Distinction (at SCQF level 9) and went on to gain a first class Honours (at SCQF level 10) whilst studying part time at the University of the West of Scotland. He had originally wanted to pursue a degree to advance his career and, while Brian agrees that some doors have been opened, gaining his degree hasn’t had as big an effect on his career prospects as he had hoped.

So, he is now part-way through a Masters in Finance and Accounting with CIMA (at SCQF level 11) and will complete in September 2022.

Brian said,

“The CIMA element of the programme was what attracted me to it, and some of the Directors at the company I work for are also doing this course, so that reassured me that I had made the right decision to continue with my studies. I have to admit that overall it has been tough, especially as I am a dad now. In fact, my dissertation for my Honours degree was due to be handed in on the same day that my daughter was born!”

He explained that both the Honours and Masters programmes have been an amazing learning experience and, despite working in the finance industry for more than 10 years, is stunned at some of the teachings that he now uses in everyday practice.

Thanks to the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Brian was initially able to gain advanced entry to the second year of the BA, and he believes that the entire RPL process really prepared him to study.

Brian concludes,

“Undertaking the RPL process involves a lot of reflection, and this is a skill in itself. Being able to reflect is a fabulous thing, and I have absolutely no regrets about pursuing my degree, despite the challenges. I am confident that it will pay dividends in future.”

Note from UWS on the MSc Finance & Accounting with CIMA:

The MSc Finance & Accounting with CIMA is a programme that was designed in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). UWS and the MSc programme is both a Registered Tuition Provider & Academic Partner of CIMA. The programme is designed to provide a "Master's Gateway" to non-specialist business students wishing to change career direction or add an accounting and finance specialism to their previous qualifications. As well as a gaining a well-respected MSc qualification, our graduates will exit our programme and enter CIMA's professional structure at the Managerial Case Study Level. Completion of this single CIMA case study exam will grant our students exemption and accreditation for CIMA's Operational and Managerial levels (a total of 8 exam units and papers), students will also become CIMA part-qualified to Managerial Level.

For more info on the MSc, contact Gerry McPake at the University of the West of Scotland.

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