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SCQF Week Media Toolkit


Mon 15th Focus: Benefits of being an SCQF Approved Credit Rating Body 

We will be highlighting the benefits and process of becoming an SCQF Approved CRB.

We encourage all CRBs to share how this status adds value via case studies and social media.  

Live Session: The Benefits of being an SCQF approved Credit Rating Body.

Tues 16th Focus:  Recognition of Prior Learning

We will focus on RPL and how understanding the process benefits individuals, employers, educators and advisers.

We encourage the sharing of personal achievements through the RPL process and welcome stories of how understanding this process has been of benefit to individuals, employers and employees.

Live Session: RPL in Practice.

Wed 17th Focus: Benefits of the SCQF for Employers

We will highlight the wealth of resources and support available to Employers to help with understanding the range of qualifications, staff retention, workforce development and recruitment.

We ask all SCQF Inclusive Recruiters to share their support for our Inclusive Recruiter Programme and encourage employers to share their experiences of using the SCQF in their business processes.

Live session: Recognising Skills for Business.

Thurs 18th Focus:  Third Party Credit Rating

We will highlight the process of having programmes of learning credit rated on the SCQF.

We encourage colleges, universities and SQA to join us in the promotion of third party credit rating and invite organisations to highlight their SCQF Credit Rated programmes and to celebrate individual achievements.

Workshop: Would You Credit It?

Fri 19th Focus: The SCQF School Ambassador Programme

We will be celebrating the success of the SCQF School Ambassador Programme and will share case studies and resources to help other schools who may be considering joining the programme. 

We encourage all school ambassadors to highlight their progress/achievements and individual successes. We will also be hosting a special online event for ambassador schools.

Online Event: Sharing Best Practice for SCQF Ambassador Schools.

We have prepared image assets and suggested social media posts to help you support SCQF Week 2021.

For use prior to SCQF Week (15-19th March)

SCQF Week Twitter Post (Blue)

SCQF Week Twitter Post (Purple)

SCQF Week Facebook

SCQF Week Instagram

SCQF Week Twitter Header

Suggested Social Media Posts promoting SCQF Week.

SCQF Week from 15-19 March is recognising the skills and experience of all learners and individuals in Scotland. Get involved at #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

We are backing SCQF Week from 15-19th March to show how we value and support Scotland’s lifelong learning framework. Get involved! #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

We are supporting SCQF Week from 15-19 March. Scotland's national qualifications framework provides skills recognition for all individuals in Scotland. Join in #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

SCQF Week from 15-19 March needs your support! Join in by sharing your own achievements and the SCQF Level of your learning #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

The SCQF provides a mechanism for programmes of learning to be recognised not just in Scotland but across the rest of the UK, in Europe, and beyond! Support SCQF Week 15-19th March #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

Suggested Social Media Posts promoting Live Sessions.

Explore the benefits of becoming an SCQF approved credit rating body as part of the live sessions during SCQF week from 15-19th March. More #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

Want to know how the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework can support your organisation's business processes? Join the Live Sessions: 'Recognising Skills for Business' part of SCQF Week 15-19th March. More #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

Discover the basic principles of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as part of the live sessions during SCQF week from 15-19th March. More #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills


For use during SCQF Week (15-19th March)

SCQF Week with Framework Diagram

Rhonwen #RecogniseMySkills

Codi &Rachel #RecogniseMySkills

Rowan #RecogniseMySkills

Christie #RecogniseMySkills

Veterans #RecogniseMySkills

The SCQF is Scotland's national qualifications framework and plays a vital role in the recognition of the skills and experience of all individuals in Scotland. Find out more #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

The SCQF recognises the skills and experience of all learners in Scotland. Find out how understanding the SCQF can help your learning journey #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

The SCQF can help you understand the range of qualifications in Scotland and allow you to access the level of education and training that is appropriate to you. More #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

The SCQF supports employers by helping them understand different types of qualifications and also supports effective recruitment and workforce development. More #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

The SCQF helps education and training providers of all kinds to identify the level that has been studied in a particular subject and makes it easier to transfer credit points between different learning programmes. More  #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills

There are over 11,500 learning programmes recognised on the SCQF of which 93% are NOT Highers. The SCQF supports all learners in Scotland #RecognisingSkills #RecogniseMySkills


User Generated Content SCQF Week (15-19th March)

If you are an advocate of the SCQF we need your help! We're looking for non-camera shy individuals to put together a short 30 sec video expressing how you value the framework, our support or our resources. Videos can be uploaded to your social media channel of choice. Please remember to tag @SCQFPartnership and #RecognisingSkills or #RecogniseMySkills. If you would like to be included in a compilation of videos then please send your videos to Katie on

SCQF Ambassador Schools and Colleges, Universities, Teaching Staff and Learning Providers: Can use the week to highlight how you are using the SCQF, your achievements and the individual success you have had.

SCQF Inclusive Recruiters and Employers: Can use the week to highlight how you are using the SCQF in recruitment and staff development or perhaps your in-house training is credit rated on the SCQF and you'd like to shout about it!

SCQF Credit Rating Bodies: If you're an approved SCQF Credit Rating body we'd like you to share how this benefits and adds value to your training programmes.

Again remember to tag SCQFPartnership and #RecognisingSkills or #RecogniseMySkills to allow us to re-share.

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