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Workshops overview

In order to provide up to date information and guidance on the SCQF, we offer a range of workshops on various topics. All of our workshop are free as part of our ongoing commitment to embedding the SCQF as fully as possible across all sectors.

Our popular workshops are available as online workshops and a limited number will be available as in-person workshops.


Our range of workshops are very popular, but which one is best for you?

If you work in a college, university or are one of the SCQFP Approved Credit Rating Bodies then the following workshops are all designed to support you:

  • Preparing a Submission for Credit Rating
  • Credit Rating in Practice
  • Quality Assurance for Credit Rating
  • RPL in Practice
  • Learning Outcomes and Assessment 

If you work for a business/organisation that wishes to submit a learning programme to a credit rating body for credit rating, then our Would You Credit It Workshop is best placed to meet your needs.

In addition, we also offer a range of tailored workshops such as My Skills, My Future, SCQF for Careers Information Advice and Guidance Staff, and The SCQF for Employers. 


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Find out more about the workshops we offer and how they can benefit you.


Workshops schedule

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