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Background to Young Enterprise Scotland

Young Enterprise Scotland has been inspiring and equipping young people to learn, develop and reach their full potential through enterprise since 1992. Every year we support around 16,000 young people, from all backgrounds, develop their business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and ultimately become more employable.

Our dedicated and passionate team of staff are supported by over 600 volunteers from the business community to help realise our vision for Scotland to be a place where all young people should be given the opportunity to have a rewarding future in work and life - no matter where they start their journey.

How did you find out about the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter programme and why did you decide to join up?

YE Scotland had been working with the SCQF Partnership as they sought support from the team to have one or two of the YE Scotland programmes credit rated. Through this engagement one of our team, Mark Armstrong, noticed the opportunity and felt that this was something that tied in with our YE Scotland values - the rest, as they say, is history!

How has using SCQF levels in your recruitment benefited your organisation?

We removed requirements for specific qualifications such as a degree from our recruitment materials many years ago. Since then we have seen a much wider range of applicants for our roles, with highly relevant skills and experience, who have brought fresh ideas into our organisation.


How easy was it to embed the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter principles within your organisation’s recruitment processes?

We are a very values based organisation and this has been a seamless process and something that we are delighted to have done.


Do you have any plans to further embed the SCQF within your organisation e.g. performance management/job evaluation/workforce planning?

YE Scotland is a forward-thinking organisation and the crossover between our Investors In People/Investors in Young People activity and SCQF Inclusive Recruiter means we will always look for ways to enhance the experience of members of our team.

Get more information on the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter programme and how using the SCQF to help with your recruitment can have a positive impact on your business.

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