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Recognising your Learning Programme on the SCQF

Facilitator delivering a workshop to participants

Year on year, interest has grown in SCQFP workshops to the extent that often we are experiencing waiting lists.

The Would You Credit It workshops are designed to support organisations through the process of credit rating. Organisations big and small are recognising the benefits of having successful programmes formally recognised on the SCQF whether they are in-house staff development or designed for the general public.

So what is credit rating? – it’s a formal process for placing learning programmes on the SCQF. Any programme has the potential to be included on the Framework, provided that it meets the following criteria:

  • based on learning outcomes;
  • have a minimum of 10 notional learning hours;
  • be formally assessed; and
  • have internal and external quality assurance

Almost 650 programmes sitting outside the formal school, college and university qualifications now sit on the framework belonging to organisations as wide ranging as Microsoft to NHS Education Scotland, The Outward Bound Trust to Rathbone UK.

Why should you consider credit rating?

The benefits of credit rating are wide and varied:

For learners it gives recognition for the learning they’ve achieved and can help them engage and further progress in their learning journey. For employers it can help them gain competitive edge by attracting the right calibre of employees and supporting them through their career development. For other organisations it can give formal recognition for their learning programmes and increase engagement with that programme.

One of the Rathbone ‘One Life’ programme learners, who received their 2000th certificate, highlights the benefits…

”The Employability course made me confident in searching for jobs and how to act at work and at interviews…I am extremely proud that I completed my studying at Rathbone Training, it’s made me realise the things I needed to focus on to get ready for work”

So if you would like to add further value for your staff or clients join us to explore the possibilities of having your work credit rated. We have limited space available on the next Would You Credit It? workshop taking place in Glasgow on 12 September.

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