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Is that on the SCQF...? Gateway to Engineering

Gateway to Engineering pupils holding certificates in group with invited guests

Is that on the SCQF...? is a series of blogs, where we look at some of the more unusual programmes that are on the SCQF. Read on to find out more about the Gateway to Engineering programme by Natalie Phillips, Education, Business & Community Growth Project Manager at Clyde Gateway.

School pupils in the Clyde Gateway area hoping to get ahead with a career in engineering can now achieve a recognised qualification by participating in the Gateway to Engineering programme.

The programme, at SCQF level 5 with five credit points, provides a general introduction to basic engineering principles and concepts to support learners at a pre-foundation apprenticeship level. It is suitable for school-based learners interested in a career in engineering and looking to progress from a pre-foundation level to the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering at SCQF Level 6.

The annual 10-week Gateway to Engineering programme offering pupils academic and practical insight into the application of engineering is run in collaboration between Clyde Gateway, construction company Robertson, Glasgow Kelvin College and the University of the West of Scotland (UWS).

The unique approach of our co-delivery model enables us to be mutually supportive of both the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) and STEM strategies, focused on exploring the world of work through Clyde Gateway live regeneration site visits, alongside addressing the need for all young people in the community to have the STEM skills they need to thrive in all workplaces.

The programme, delivered by Glasgow Kelvin College, explores the basic principles and concepts of engineering creatively through a series of practical fun tasks. Pupils have a learner folio which explains each task and where assessment is embedded into the programme design. There is a combination of individual and group assessment tasks and learners will tell you that the best aspect of the programme is when they get to test the rocket car!

Clyde Gateway and Robertson Construction operate a stringent selection process to enrol pupils into the programme. They also provide high quality training which ensures pupils experience real onsite practical engineering training; take part in site visits; health and safety; job applications; mock interviews and the opportunity to progress into apprenticeship programmes or other relevant progression routes.

UWS staff provide a tour of the campus and an introduction to civil engineering.

Marie Woods, Senior Curriculum Manager – Credit Rating at Glasgow Kelvin College, comments: “Having the programme credit rated raises its profile and gives it a national identity and universal recognition on the SCQF. Pupils can identify with the programme status - SCQF Level 5 with 5 credits. The Gateway to Engineering programme has a value to pupils, parents and partner providers and this is especially important when attracting pupils to enrol. The SCQF level and accumulated credits make the programme an attractive choice within the school curriculum. Pupils are supported and encouraged by all partners throughout the programme and this culminates in an annual award ceremony where representatives from all partner providers, parents and distinguished guests are invited.”

Pupils will tell you that whilst the programme is fun, the learning allows them to think realistically about their preferred options within engineering as they can describe their own skillset and match this to engineering options e.g. Mechanical; Civil; Environmental.

16 year-old Tia Coutts from St Mungo’s Academy in Glasgow said: “I enjoyed the Gateway to Engineering programme as I found the practical learning outwith school more relaxed and enjoyable. I now know that I want to do electrical engineering so am looking for apprenticeships (FA/MA) or a college course. The highlight of the programme for me was when I realised what I wanted to do as not knowing what or where I wanted to go was stressful.”

The four organisations have also put a collective funding bid to Education Scotland as a partnership for Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM. We seek to support a minimum of 100 teachers/early years educators by offering a range of CPD opportunities in STEM-related learning, using live Clyde Gateway regeneration project/s, fully supported by HE, FE and industry partners to build capacity and resource to meet labour market needs. This will be run in conjunction with the existing SCQF level 5 Gateway to Engineering whereby we seek to take more pupils through the process this year.

Read the press release on the latest group to graduate from the programme


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