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Aileen lending know-how to Macao

Group shot of the Macao Quality Evaluation Panel, including Aileen Ponton, CEO of the SCQFP

Our CEO, Aileen Ponton, has recently taken up a two-year term of office as Member of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region’s newly created Quality Evaluation Panel (QEP). Aileen is one of seven international members joining the panel with the others coming from China, Australia, Malaysia, USA and Portugal. The appointment will last until January 2021.

New legislation for Higher Education in Macao was introduced in August 2018 and the establishment of the panel forms part of that. The primary roles and responsibilities of the QEP are to:

• provide professional advice on higher education evaluation;
• make recommendations on the confirmation or otherwise of evaluation outcomes; and
• study evaluation-related cases and give advice.

Aileen attended the first meeting of the QEP in February and in addition to agreeing with other members and the Higher Education Bureau how the evaluation work would be handled, she was able to visit two higher education institutions to hear about the scope of their work.

The Bureau also organised a round table event for representatives from all 10 higher education institutions to share views on how the process would work.

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