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Is that on the SCQF...? ILM Young Leaders Award

Female Young Leader student watching as fellow pupils abseil down a wall

Is that on the SCQF...? is a series of blogs where we look at some of the more unusual programmes that are on the SCQF. Read on to find out more about the ILM Young Leaders Award by Kerry Bamber, Business Development Manager Scotland at City & Guilds, ILM and Digitalme.

ILM is part of the City and Guilds Group specialising in the areas of leadership & management. Working with organisations of all sizes to develop and train the leaders & managers of the future, we qualify 70,000 leaders and managers every year helping them develop the critical skills to succeed in the workplace.

Our ILM management programmes give customers the freedom to focus on those leadership skills they most urgently need, whether that’s decision-making, teamwork, creativity, strategic planning, or anything else, and develop skills that are applicable to the reality of daily working life.

As the UK’s leading provider of specialist leadership qualifications we know we have a big responsibility to deliver programmes that have real impact. Part of that means we’re always looking for ways we can keep offering both organisations and learners the best possible leadership and management training. Ensuring our customers, and their customers can trust us is what makes us unique, and is why organisations choose us to be their partners. In an ever-changing environment, it’s particularly important that we constantly assess the service we provide and are committed to meeting our clients’ needs - whatever their circumstances. It is this approach which led to the development of the ILM SCQF level 5 Young Leaders Award.

Working with young people, we know that there are some skills you can learn that are more life changing than others. Among the most vital of those, is leadership, and here at ILM, we’re the UK’s leadership experts.

The ILM SCQF Level 5 Award is ideal for individuals aged between 14 and 24 years who are actively engaged in structured learning within a group or community. The aim of the award is to help young learners develop a range of skills and behaviours in leadership, self-management and mentoring, alongside an appreciation of the benefits that can be gained through social action (volunteering). These qualifications will also provide progression opportunities to other ILM qualifications.

Leadership skills dramatically improve educational prospects and enhance career progression too. Providers working with ILM to deliver the Young Leaders Award, present a proven way to teach these vital skills. Other benefits for individuals are numerous, and young people who know how to lead really stand out among their peers. Employers have told us that knowing a job candidate has proven leadership potential gives them a unique edge over the competition.

Universities and employers tell us that: “Simply put, the Young Leaders Award is a nationally-recognised qualification that makes your students more attractive to universities and employers alike, while enhancing the reputation of your school or college.”

Learners said they were able to apply the leadership and management skills learnt through ILM to their day-to-day job role and would recommend our qualifications, programmes and/or apprenticeships.

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