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Is that on the SCQF…? Sports Leaders programmes

Female Young Leader in gym hall blowing whistle at female pupils

Is that on the SCQF...? is a series of blogs, where we look at some of the more unusual programmes that are on the SCQF. Read on to find out more about Leadership qualifications from Sports Leaders which are credit-rated at SCQF levels 4-6.

Many young people develop a passion for sport, exercise, and dance at a young age and, if nurtured correctly, that energy and enthusiasm can be a lifelong way of staying active, learning new skills and interacting with a wide range of different people.

Leadership qualifications from Sports Leaders provide learners with the chance to harness their passion for their chosen activity whilst also developing life-changing skills and gaining nationally-recognised qualifications. Those subjects for developing leadership could include sport, dance or curriculum-focused areas such as Maths and English – whatever the vehicle that sparks interest in pupils, Leadership Qualifications offer them the chance to build their skills.

Our Leadership Qualifications, which are on the SCQF – Scotland’s national qualifications framework - develop key skills across a variety of subject areas. They are the perfect way to engage active or inactive students, providing them with a platform to put into practice their learned skills, build their confidence and further their resilience.

Providing different subject pathways in this way creates opportunities for learners of all interests to develop their skills in an area they are passionate about. These skills are built through our Skills Framework, which has been created based on research from Youth Employment UK and focuses on five key areas for learners to develop: communication, self-belief, teamwork, self-management and problem-solving. During their courses, learners build these skills by demonstrating the behaviours which best represent them.

As a result of developing the skills needed to demonstrate leadership in their chosen subject area, learners develop the ability to engage their peers, younger students and wider communities, becoming powerful advocates for dance and physical activity, as well as broader volunteering and community projects.

Sports Leaders offer a number of qualifications that are SCQF credit-rated, with SCQF Level 5 Dance Leadership being the most recent to have achieved this. At SLQ, the awarding body for Sports Leaders’ Leadership Qualifications, we believe that the SCQF credit rating allows learners to make a comparison to other programmes of learning. For instance, they can quickly understand that a National 5 in PE is at the same level as our Dance/Sports Leaders Qualifications. This allows organisations to sometimes combine learning across courses at the same level and, in turn, increase the range of transferable life skills.

Maisie, one of our dance leaders from Inverness, has enjoyed her course so far and already seen her skills grow. She says:

“I’m on this course to improve my leadership skills and make me more confident in speaking up in front of others. So far, this course has made me better at leading independently – also, when I’m older I want to do coaching as my job, so I think this is great experience.”

Another Dance Leadership learner, Jack, has also seen his abilities develop. He said:

“I’m here to gain experience, knowledge and more confidence. I have already gained so much self-belief and being on the course has also made a difference to my communication and organisation skills.”

Find out more about our full range of programmes, including the SCQF credit-rated qualification mentioned above.


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