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Is that on the SCQF...? Ruts: Motolearn and Bikefix Leadership Award

RUTS Bikefix students fixing a bike

RUTS is a charity committed to providing vocational training and employability support to young people, including the delivery of SQA qualifications which have been credit rated on to the SCQF. Since these qualifications have an SCQF level and credit points, this supports RUTS to achieve additional tangible outcomes for young people which include re-engagement with school/further/higher education or progress along the Employability Pipeline.

The themes along which RUTS delivers this support and training include motorbikes, bicycles and boxing. Two popular programmes delivered by RUTS which are on the SCQF are:

1. Motolearn

Motolearn is a motorbike themed practical qualification at SCQF level 5 that consists of three units;

Think Bike: where participants are taught about legal requirements and responsibilities of being a bike user

Fix Bike: where participants are introduced to mechanical theory and practical tasks

Ride Bike: where participants will ride one of RUTS’ off-road trials bikes.

Through this engagement there is a focus on personal development by acknowledging the core skills required to be successful.

2. Bikefix Leadership Award

The Bikefix leadership Award is a bicycle themed qualification, also at SCQF level 5, where participants gain skills on how to use a range of hand tools by learning how to carry out a bicycle service and complete practical maintenance tasks, supporting the development of core skills for work and skills for life. Through this qualification, candidates also learn safe riding practices with a view to using cycling as a mode of transport to support employment or attendance at training or in education.


Clearly, these programmes are aimed at participants who have an interest in learning practical skills and who may benefit from learning outside of a typical classroom environment. There are multi-faceted benefits as the core skills learnt through these qualifications are transferable into everyday life and into the world of work.


There are obvious benefits for SCQF credit rating of these activities. Participants are learning new skills and this certification adds value and merit to their work. This credit rating is also appealing to clients such as schools and employers, meaning more young people are provided with the opportunity to participate. Completing nationally recognised qualifications also supports the achievement of tangible outcomes particularly in relation to the achievement and sustainment of employment.


A recent participant of a Motolearn programme described the programme as really interesting as he has aspirations to work in the motor vehicle industry. On completion of the programme, he insisted that he was going to work with his support network to “find out how to get into college to do more advanced mechanics or see if I can get an apprenticeship”.


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