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We are all adapting to different ways of working and the myriad of methods of communicating with each other in these current times. Colleges have been working extensively and quickly to develop different ways of delivering programmes for learners, alternative methods of assessing as well as thinking about the different types of programmes which might be needed for existing and future learners over the coming months.

As we move forward to whatever the new normal may be, many of you will also be turning your thoughts to the need to develop new, short and engaging programmes for a potential whole new cohort of learners needing to address new training and upskilling requirements.

Online learning has now become ever more important and there is a vast array of options out there for learners. Everyone’s inboxes are inundated with offers on a daily basis. For learners, identifying those that will help them progress to the next stage in their learning journey or into employment can be daunting and confusing.

So how can you make your online learning stand out from the others and ensure recognition of the skills your learners will gain?

By making sure it meets the 4 criteria for SCQF credit rating and credit rating it onto the SCQF:

  • Written in learning outcomes
  • A minimum of 10 notional learning hours
  • Formally assessed
  • Quality assured

Credit rating online learning onto the SCQF gives a recognition of the quality assurance behind your programme and gives your learners a formal level and credit points that they can use to move forward in their learning and employment opportunities.

As SCQF Credit Rating Bodies, colleges in Scotland are all able to develop and credit rate new programmes onto the SCQF. Some colleges are already using this authority extensively and have credit rated many programmes, others have dipped their toe in the water with one or two ventures and some of you are still to take that first step.

By using your credit rating authority colleges have the potential to develop flexible programmes to meet local needs and credit rating these programmes allows colleges to provide successful learners with formal credit for their achievements. The SCQF Principles cover all types of learning including online and our SCQF database already contains many programmes which are delivered online.

We have a number of examples of colleges using their credit rating processes on our website.

Case Study: Inverness College

Case Study: New College Lanarkshire

If you are not quite ready to leap into new credit rating projects but are looking at adapting existing credit rated programmes from classroom to online, then this blog might help you think about ensuring that the changes you make don’t affect the level or credit of your programme. Sandra-Jane Grier at CDN talks about using the SCQF Level Descriptors to ensure that your learning materials and assessments are pitched at the right level.

The Descriptors can be downloaded free of charge from the SCQF website.

If your college is new to credit rating or you want some advice on credit rating your programmes, get in touch with us.





About the author

Sheila Dunn

Head of Quality & International Development, SCQF Partnership

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