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Update on Malta Qualifications Framework Project

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On behalf of the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) in Malta, the SCQF Partnership was commissioned to undertake an impact review of the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) which commenced in January 2020.

The MQF was formally established in 2007 and much has been achieved in the 13 years that it has been in place. However, very little work had been undertaken to review impact and the NCFHE felt it was important to address this for a number of reasons.


  • to ensure the objectives of the MQF are being met;
  • to consider whether there are improvements to the MQF which are required;
  • to identify how the MQF can remain relevant for stakeholders going forward; and
  • to establish a baseline for future impact assessment.

The SCQF Partnership has extensive experience in reviewing the impact of NQFs and defined the objectives of the impact assessment to:

  • assess and analyse the impact of the MQF across a wide number of sectors/stakeholders;
  • provide recommendations on possible areas of both policy and technical improvements for the MQF and its referencing to the EQF;
  • provide recommendations for further implementing, promoting and regulating the MQF; and
  • provide baseline indicators for future reviews.

The methodology used was a mixture of quantitative and qualitative approaches designed to gain maximum responses.

Quantitative data was collected by means of a comprehensive online survey tailored to each sector and promoted through partner organisations as well as via the NCFHE website and social media channels.

The next step was to hold a series of focus groups. These groups allowed for a more detailed discussion on specific questions and were facilitated by NCFHE, with SCQF Partnership attending to hear the conversation. Interviews with key partners were then conducted. This allowed for key themes or issues which had emerged from the survey and focus groups to be picked up with specific stakeholders in much more detail. These interviews included a specific question around possible solutions to some of the issues or questions which had emerged in earlier discussions.

This data has enabled the SCQFP to identify key themes in relation to recommendations for the NCFHE to consider for future implementation. The SCQFP team working on the project has written a final report which will be submitted to the NCFHE in December.


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