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The SCQF: What we offer

Diagram showing SCQF Key Offers


As we all know, 2020 has been a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses of all shapes and sizes to adapt - whether that be staff teams working from home, restaurants offering takeaways instead of dining in, Zooming in place of attending large meetings in person, face masks in shared spaces - the list is endless.

We know that many of our stakeholders who provide training across many different sectors are having to move quickly to bring their learning programmes online and the SCQF Partnership Quality Team can offer advice to third party organisations and Credit Rating Bodies, including colleges and universities, on how to tackle this. We are also working to help organisations have microcredentials recognised. Microcredentials are smaller chunks of credit-bearing learning that can be undertaken by individuals to boost their skills and knowledge, particularly in these unprecedented times.

As a small team with a large remit, we at the SCQF Partnership have pulled out all the stops to continue offering a high quality, reliable and uninterrupted service to our valued partners and stakeholders.

We thought that this would be a good time to emphasise what we offer, not only to the education sector, but also to employers, parents and Credit Rating Bodies among others.

S stands for… skills recognition

We support recognition of skills and learning in all sectors
We offer:

• Leadership in developing pathways and progression through our Ambassador programmes for schools and colleges
• Advice and support around the recognition of microcredentials
• Experience in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes, including credit transfer
• Experience in developing processes that support skills and qualification recognition

C stands for… Capacity Building

We are here to support Credit Rating Bodies (CRBs) in all aspects of credit rating and capacity building

We offer:

• A wide range of free workshops, which are now available online
• 1-to-1 support for staff
• Tailored support in developing qualifications to be ready for credit rating
• Tailored support for developing credit rating processes in CRB organisations
• Specific capacity building projects, often funded

Q stands for… Quality

We make sure you can trust in our national qualifications framework

We offer:

• Clear principles and guidance for all CRBs
• A robust Quality Assurance Model
• An excellent international reputation allowing worldwide recognition of Scottish qualifications
• An easily accessible database of credit rated programmes

F stands for… Flexibility

We provide resources which demonstrate our benefits and flexibility

We offer:

• Support in understanding the benefits and processes of 3rd party credit rating
• Resources for employers on using the SCQF for effective recruitment and workforce development
• Learner support and guidance
Case studies on all aspects of understanding the Framework
• Support, guidance and training online
A highly experienced team skilled at working in partnership and able to demonstrate the flexibility of the SCQF

Even though it is unlikely that we will get back into the office before 2021, the SCQF Partnership Team is committed to providing high quality, professional support to all of our stakeholders. The above list is not exhaustive, so if you think there’s anything we have missed, be sure to let us know by emailing or connecting with us via our social media platforms.

Together, we can make 2020 count!

Download a pdf version of our key offers diagram

About the author

Sam Houten Feeley

Communications and Marketing Officer, SCQF Partnership

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