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Is that on the SCQF...? Waste in the Circular Economy award

Diagram showing the linear versus circular economies

Following consultation with learning and teaching practitioners, waste experts WasteSwitch Ltd and training specialists Playback ICE have developed the ‘Waste in the Circular Economy’ award.

With the environmental revolution in full swing, the passion and commitment to deliver additional enhancements to core learning, covering areas such as the environment, sustainability and the circular economy has never been greater or more important: this was the clear objective from the outset.

‘Subject matter expertise provided by WasteSwitch Learning and Playback ICE’s skills in producing high quality credit rated programmes resulted in the development of this unique award’’
Steven Kiakowski, Director, WasteSwitch Ltd

Who the programme is aimed at:

The programme is at SCQF level 5 with 3 credit points. It has been designed to benefit multiple groups of learners undertaking the following programmes/opportunities:

• Core and essential skills development
• Enhancing apprenticeship programmes
• Employability programmes
• Senior phase school students, including Foundation Apprenticeships
• People returning to work or changing career
• Employees with specific roles relating to waste management and the environment

The knowledge gained improves the students’ ability to relate the learning to their future careers and personal development. Understanding these key aspects of the current and future ‘world’ will differentiate each learner from their peers in the heartbeat of the ‘’Green’’ Recovery. A clear and detailed commitment from Government can be viewed in this article: The Green Recovery Plan 

What benefits does the credit rating of this programme provide for learners completing it?

The credit rating process provides a cornerstone of recognition for both ourselves as the provider, and the learner.
The SCQF provides recognised and understood levels within, not only Scotland, but the rest of the UK and Europe. This provides a platform for the learner to consider holistically their educational and workplace progression.

Credit rating also allows those already within education to understand the content, the level and approach within the award, allowing them to ensure learners undertaking the award are at the appropriate level.

Quotes from learners on the impact the programmes has had in their work/lives:

1 Student 1, West Lothian College
‘’I now view waste as a valuable commodity because by separating and recycling at source as much as possible we can make waste work more effectively. We all have our part to play in influencing others, from recycling and/or re-using our household waste to large and small companies.’’

2 Student 2, West Lothian College
‘’I have been able to identify where we need to manage our waste consistently and ensure we understand our local authorities’ services and approach to waste I produce. The award has made me see waste products as valuable commodities that if recycled, re-used or recovered properly can save energy, leading to more green jobs, improved economies and more importantly make us all healthier.”

3 Graeme Binnie, Lead Course Lecturer, West Lothian College
‘’The SCQF Level 5 Waste in the Circular Economy unit was a standout success for our pre-apprenticeship carpentry and joinery group last year. I feel this was one of the very best units I have taught to construction students as it relates to not only the industry they are moving into, but also has such a profound effect on their lives and those around them.’’

4 Susan McSeveney , Depute Centre Head for Construction and Automotive, West Lothian College
‘’I have a passion for developing sustainable skills and widening people’s knowledge of environmental issues in and outwith their college experience, and through the award from WasteSwitch Learning I was able to offer this to a cohort of students with unintended consequences that ultimately enhanced their experiences beyond our expectations. The offering from WasteSwitch Learning exceeded our expectations in both a content and delivery perspective, it was very well supported by staff and was easily customised to take account of programme needs.’’

For more information on the services provided by WasteSwitch Learning, please contact us on 0800 689 9222 or visit our website for further details.

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