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Quality in International Long-duration Mobility: Lessons from the Erasmus+ Programme

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Longer duration mobility (LDM) for vocational students and apprentices, lasting several months, has been fast developing across the UK, mainly spurred by its introduction into EU programmes and, more broadly, by its being seen as a way of improving the quality of international mobility.

LDM has a range of challenges as well as opportunities and has repercussions as to how to ensure a high-quality experience. However, the benefits to the individual and employers are well documented, regardless of the funding stream.

Quality in International Long-duration Mobility: Lessons from the Erasmus+ Programme was produced during 2020 by the UK ECVET Experts Team, whose role for the last decade has been to support vocational organisations and employers in implementing ECVET principles. These principles have contributed to the development of quality mobility experiences across the UK, supporting the identification and assessment of appropriate learning outcomes for the mobility periods and providing tools such as a Memoranda of Understanding and Learning Agreements.

The paper has relevance to international as well as European mobility, and its aim is to offer guidance to policy-makers and practitioners on how to address these issues.

Its content will be of value to anyone involved in mobility, even in light of the UK's departure from Erasmus+.

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