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Larbert High School Going for Gold!

2 pupils from Larbert High School holding gold plaque

Larbert High School has been confirmed as the very first Gold level SCQF School Ambassador. Launched in 2015, the School Ambassador programme offers secondary schools the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the SCQF and the wider ways in which it supports learners such as recognising wider achievement, developing Senior Phase learning pathways and demonstrating equality between vocational and academic qualifications.

The SCQF Partnership launched the tiered recognition element of the SCQF School Ambassador programme last August to make sure that all the amazing work on enhancing learning pathways being done in secondary schools across Scotland is recognised, highlighted and celebrated.

There are now 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in the process, with schools required to upload evidence to demonstrate how they are meeting the criteria of each level.

To recognise the fantastic achievement, Larbert High School has received a gold plaque which will be displayed in the school’s reception area.

Karen Cullen, DHT at the school, said: “Larbert High immediately saw the opportunities the SCQF Ambassador programme could bring for young people. We knew that we had to help develop the knowledge and understanding of pupils, parents and staff to really see a difference in outcomes for students. We did this by transforming the language we used by incorporating SCQF levels in everything that we do. Our website, parents’ evenings, curriculum information sessions were approached with the idea that it was an opportunity to allow stakeholders a chance to see how this framework could benefit all. As a result, over the past few years our educational language, mind-set and learner pathways have transformed and in turn has transformed the learner journey of our students. Being the first school in Scotland to achieve Gold level status is just the cherry on top.”

Jon Reid, Rector at Larbert added: “We’ve been on a mission at Larbert High School over the last few years to ensure that our Senior Phase curriculum has lots of different pathways that can lead to the same positive destination. We’ve worked with our staff, young people and parents to dispel the myth that Highers are the be-all and end-all of secondary schools, and as a result we have more young people than ever before following more modern, new and contemporary pathways. This has pushed their skills to a higher level than ever before and will ensure that they have the ‘edge’ when they are ready to leave school entering into what is a highly competitive young workforce.”

SCQF Partnership Development Officer, Donnie Wood, who manages the programme, said: “We introduced our SCQF School Ambassador recognition initiative to allow schools to showcase and demonstrate the great work they are involved in and it was no surprise that Larbert led the way. In order to achieve Gold status, a school has to evidence a huge commitment to the Ambassador programme, raising awareness of the SCQF to pupils and parents in addition to developing links with their college, local businesses and neighbouring schools. The commitment from the staff and pupil ambassadors at Larbert has shown just why the SCQF School Ambassador programme is essential for schools across the country.”

The SCQF School Ambassador Programme is free to join and open to any secondary school in Scotland.

If you would like your school to get involved, find out more or contact Donnie.   

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