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SCQF Week: Spotlight on Guest Speakers - Recognising Skills for Business

Diane Drummond of B-Dacs.

Diane Drummond, Director at B-DACS Air Conditioning Services

My career started in retail and I went into banking in 1999. I progressed my career with the bank over 15 years and on leaving held a senior position, travelling the UK rolling out Learning and Development programmes. I took voluntary redundancy in 2012 and took a short break before moving to B-DACS full time.

B-DACS is a family-run business providing air conditioning and ventilation services in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland. Our best assets are our people and getting it right is important, so we launched the academy into our business last year.

The programme itself is unit based with all onsite evidence being the main focus. Having the right values is important and at B-DACS we pride ourselves on nurturing our people to their full potential.

We are now developing a digital platform, but the results have shown that our staff value training and we have seen staff loyalty at an all time high. We have had little attrition in our engineering field and taking people from unemployment has seen us reap the rewards. 

Joining Diane from the SCQF Partnership is Julie Cavanagh, Head of Partnerships and Communication

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