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The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) is a registered charity, established in 2007 to provide high quality training and support for small charities. We currently support over 8000 small charities throughout the UK by offering free or heavily subsidised learning opportunities. By helping to increase the impact and sustainability of small charities, the FSI benefits hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people and communities needing support across areas including health, social care, education and the environment.

In 2017, the FSI approached the SQA to develop a suite of fundraising qualifications specifically for the Small Charity Sector. We now deliver a Diploma and Certificate in Fundraising Practice, both at SCQF Level 8 (RQF Level 5), and an Introduction to Fundraising Practice at SCQF Level 6 (RQF Level 3).

Whether a well-established charity or a small grassroots community group, the need for expertise in fundraising has never been greater than in the current climate. Funding from local, regional and central government sources has been dramatically cut and there is increasing competition from all sources. Therefore, these qualifications were developed to ensure that charities were ready to meet the increasing demand for skilled and experienced fundraisers in our sector.

Our SQA ‘Star’ Award-winning qualifications have helped many charities looking to diversify their income in this ever competitive fundraising environment, with dozens of individuals and charities around the country using these qualifications to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in fundraising to support both their organisations and their career progression. The SCQF credit rating gives them, and their employers, confidence that the qualification sits within a broader qualifications framework and has robust quality assurance to underpin it.

Pam, Head of Fundraising and Communications, spoke about her experience of studying with the FSI:

“I am studying for the Diploma in Fundraising to gain a qualification that will arm me with the tools to help sustain our charity for the future and provide new and innovative ways of working… The trainers are engaging and inclusive and you get out what you put into the training. I am really excited about working with the FSI!”

Rosie, Charity Manager, added:

“I chose the FSI because the fact that the qualification could be tailored to me really suited what I was looking for. Whilst the core modules of the FSI Diploma could be applied to all types of fundraising, I’ll be able to choose additional modules that best suit my interests and chosen specialism.”

Anthony, Fundraiser, said:

“My first unit was on Fundraising Strategy. This has helped me to re-evaluate our fundraising strategy, using the information I have learned. The assignments also involved some competitor analysis. This has been invaluable as it has helped me to understand the potential areas of growth in our fundraising strategy.”

If you are interested in studying with the FSI, have a look at our website.


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