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Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation working to address the climate emergency. A respected and trusted voice on energy efficiency and clean energy solutions, it continues to work towards a smart, decarbonised, decentralised energy system.

Energy Saving Trust manages Home Energy Scotland, a network of local advice centres across Scotland and is funded by the Scottish Government. Home Energy Scotland‘s expert advisors offer free, impartial advice on energy saving, keeping warm at home, renewable energy, greener travel, cutting waste and more. Its mission is to help people in Scotland create warmer homes, reduce their bills and help tackle climate change.

Home Energy Scotland’s advisors are highly trained to be able to give expert advice in the constantly evolving world of energy efficiency, low carbon heating systems, renewable electricity and greener travel.

The Domestic Renewable Energy course, developed by Energy Saving Trust and credit rated at SCQF level 7 with 20 credit points, teaches Home Energy Scotland advisors about the range of low carbon, renewable technologies available to households across Scotland, including heat pumps, wood-fuel, solar panels, wind and hydro schemes. The course explains the operating principles behind each of these technologies including any site conditions and control strategies required to get the best performance out of them.

Having the course SCQF credit rated not only gives confidence to supported households that their advice is expert and accurate, but it also gives the advisors appropriate recognition for the in-depth knowledge they have acquired through their hard work completing the course.

Some recent course participants said:

I found the course very informative with lots of information on renewable technologies and additional relevant improvements. It contained a lot of information, but it was delivered well at a structured pace with opportunities to ask anything I was unsure of. It was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. It has helped greatly in dealing with customers who are interested in renewables for their homes by letting them know what can be realistically done.”

- Stuart Whitney, Specialist Personal Advisor

“I thought it was an excellent introduction to domestic renewable energy. It went into a decent amount of detail without being excessive and really helped when talking to householders about their energy needs.”

- John Clarkson, Home Energy Specialist

“It helped me to consolidate and build upon my existing knowledge of renewables in a structured and well-prepared way.

- Rory Hill, Technical Officer, Home Renewables

For more information about Home Energy Scotland visit homeenergyscotland.org


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