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NEBOSH is a global brand in health, safety, wellbeing and environmental qualifications. Its internationally recognised qualifications help to raise the competence of safety and environmental professionals as well as individuals at all levels in the workplace.

Many health and safety professionals are also tasked with environmental responsibilities – often abbreviated to a ‘HSE’ professional to indicate the breadth of their remit. Within NEBOSH’s portfolio are three environmental qualifications, all of which are on the SCQF:

  • NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Award (SCQF Level 5)
  • NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate (SCQF Level 6)
  • NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management, available in National and International options (SCQF Level 10)

The suite of qualifications aims to offer environmental learning to people at all levels and, in turn, support the organisations they work for to improve their environmental performance. At SCQF level 10, the Diploma is an advanced, specialist qualification for those aiming to develop and implement effective environmental management systems and strategies. It offers excellent progression from the Certificate which gives learners the competences they need to take on environmental responsibilities and support the implementation of environmental management systems.


When Luke Strudley (pictured) was approaching the end of his military career, he decided to use his Enhanced Learning Credits on NEBOSH qualifications, including the environmental certificate. He says:

It was because of the Environmental Certificate that I realised that the renewables sector was where I really wanted to be. Something my NEBOSH tutor told us really struck a chord. He said that to protect the planet people needed to ‘act locally, think globally’. It's that idea that if everyone contributes in their own small way, then collectively we could avoid environmental catastrophe.”

Luke was able to use his NEBOSH qualifications to help him start on his new career path and is now an Offshore Wind Turbine Technician with RWE Renewables.

The Level 5 Award provides an introduction to environmental issues in the workplace. It is accessible to all levels of workers and particularly suitable for people at the start of their environmental learning or for wider organisational roll out to support awareness and knowledge of environmental issues. It can also help organisations with a certified environmental management system (such as ISO 14001) to meet the requirement of providing environmental awareness to all workers, yet is flexible enough to allow organisations to ‘tailor’ the qualification to their specific requirements e.g. sector specific aspects/environmental issues.

All three qualifications are SQA Accredited, and are therefore listed on the SCQF. This offers learners – and their employing organisations – an assurance of high quality qualifications that are reviewed and approved by an independent third party. Each qualification is reviewed against the SCQF Level Descriptors to ensure that they consistently meet the required standard for the relevant level in the Framework. This also provides a progression route that supports the building of knowledge and understanding.

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