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The Young STEM Leader Programme is an exciting opportunity for young people in Scotland to discover, create, inspire and lead in STEM. Derived from the Scottish Government’s Education and Training Strategy for STEM (2017), the programme is led by SSERC in partnership with a wide range of STEM focused organisations in Scotland.

The key aim of the programme is to facilitate the development of peer-to-peer STEM role models, inspiring more young people to develop an interest in STEM. As part of the award, young people will create and plan STEM activities for others, build their leadership, communication and employability skills, and help to build STEM capital within their learning community.

A Young STEM Leader from a youth group delivering centre said about delivering activities: “It was sometimes scary [but] I learned to be patient and calm".

The award is offered in two versions:

  • The non-formal programme at Curriculum for Excellence Second, Third and Fourth Levels (YSL2, YSL3 and YSL4). These awards are typically delivered in primary schools, the BGE phase of secondary schools and in youth work settings.
  • The formal programme at SCQF Levels 4, 5 and 6 (YSL4, YSL5 and YSL6). These awards are typically delivered in the senior phase of secondary school, youth work settings, colleges and in some apprenticeship programmes.

The free programme is offered to all young people in Scotland who are supported by a Trained Tutor Assessor – an educator who has undertaken the necessary training by SSERC. To date, over 3000 young people have engaged with the programme in every Local Authority Area in Scotland.

Award SCQF Level Credit points    

4 3
YSL5 5 3
YSL6 6 4


There are clear benefits to offering the programme as an SCQF credit rated award – from increasing participation in delivering centres to recognising the achievements of the young people involved.

A Tutor Assessor said: “It’s been a headache securing staffing to enable students to visit primary schools in years gone by, but now there’s a recognised qualification for it, the school is more likely to put it on the timetable.”

To get involved with the Young STEM Leader Programme, visit www.youngstemleader.scot

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