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Meet Sam Houten Feeley, Communications and Marketing Officer at the SCQF Partnership

What is your role within the SCQFP?

I’m responsible for the SCQFP’s marketing and communications across all areas of the business, with specific responsibility for PR, blogs, publications and print management, and external events (when they start happening again post-pandemic!). I also support my colleague Katie’s work on the SCQF website.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The stories! I am lucky enough to get to hear and share inspirational stories from learners of all ages & backgrounds. We have a whole suite of case studies and videos on our website at https://scqf.org.uk/case-studies/. I’m also such a pedant that I really enjoy the proofing process, which is just as well given that we have between 20-30 current publications at any one time!

Tell us a bit about your career to date

I started my career working in Customer Services with IBM in Greenock. I progressed to various marketing roles and after 7½ years, moved on to Motherwell College. Initially, I provided maternity leave cover for the Assistant Marketing Manager, and was made permanent as PR Officer 6 months later. After another 6 months, I was promoted to Marketing and Promotions Manager for the College, and stayed in the role for 2 years, moving to the SCQFP in April 2008. I have been with the SCQFP for 14 years this month, so have seen a fair few colleagues come & go in that time!


Tell us something interesting about yourself?

When I was only 21 I spent a summer working in a restaurant in Crete, then went home to say hello/cheerio to my family & friends before heading off to Lleida in Catalunya for my year abroad as part of my Spanish Honours degree. I must admit that my spoken Spanish improves dramatically after a few glasses of cava :-) I have also been known to belt out a few tunes at the karaoke (although I’m not sure my singing improves after said cava!!)


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