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Corinne Robbie, Learning and Development Manager (Qualifications and Standards), at the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) tells us about their Register for the future consultation.

The SSSC is 20 years old and since opening our Register in 2003 we now have more than 164,000 workers across social work, social care and early years registered with us.

So much has changed for the sector over the last 20 years, along with significant policy developments like The Promise and the proposed National Care Service, and it’s important that registration and the qualifications accepted for registration reflect that.


We’re currently consulting on our proposed changes to the Register, processes and the qualifications accepted for registration. We want to make registration simpler and easier to understand for both workers and employers.

We also want to make sure people know about the benefit and value of being registered and the standards, skills and qualifications needed to deliver high quality care.

We need to make sure the qualifications we accept are fit for the future and reflect the skills and knowledge workers need to deliver high quality care as part of a trusted, skilled and confident workforce.


Our proposed changes will make qualifications more flexible, so people can move more easily to work in different types of services. We want to review the length of time workers are given to gain their qualification after registering and change the level of qualification needed by support workers in adult social care.

We’re also proposing developing return to practice standards for social workers, and potentially others, who have not worked in the sector for a time, as well as introducing mandatory learning and skills development as part of our continuous professional learning (CPL) requirements.

Our proposals also include reducing the number of Register parts, reviewing how long people have to register when starting a new role, improving processes for applying for and renewing registration, bringing in an ongoing registration period, and changing the information about registrants available on our website.

You can find out more, register for our online events, and respond to the consultation on our website

The consultation closes on 14 March 2022.

SSSC is sponsoring the SCQF Online Conference which takes place on Thursday 24 March.
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