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Speaker Spotlight, John McDonald, CEO, OPITO

John McDonald, CEO, OPITO

John is the CEO of OPITO, the global safety and skills organisation for the energy industry.

In this role, he is focused on driving the international skills agenda for the energy sector and the development of a safe and skilled workforce through the delivery of global standards and high-quality skills development, workforce development solutions, and by leading dialogue with industries and governments across the UK and Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

John established the Energy Skills Alliance in 2019, bringing together senior members of the UK and Scottish Governments, the energy industry, and industry bodies to create an integrated skills strategy for a net-zero UK energy industry.

He is also currently leading the publication of an integrated People and Skills Plan as part of the North Sea Transition Deal.

Appointed to the role in 2017, John previously held posts within OPITO as UK Managing Director and Director for International Workforce Development.

Prior to joining the business, John was a director at ACTVET, the government body charged with creating a vocational education and training system in Abu Dhabi. John was also a director for the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), leading the development of new products and services, and creating new markets in Asia and the Middle East.

An alumni of Harvard Business School, John has worked at a ministerial level in several countries on capacity-building projects in education and training.

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