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The Peep Progression Pathway was developed by Peeple, a UK charity whose main purpose is to support parents/carers, babies and children to make the most of everyday learning opportunities. We do this by training practitioners to use our Peep Learning Together Programme with parents and children - valuing and building on what families already do, helping to improve life chances and narrow the gap in attainment.

The Peep Progression Pathway is successfully delivered with learners in a variety of settings, including:

  • one-to-one in the home
  • outdoors
  • in a prison with dads, maintaining family relationships
  • through social work with foster carers, kinship carers and volunteers
  • in high schools (senior pupil matched with a family and completes the unit as well as the parent)
  • in community centres, libraries, early years settings, schools and health centres.

Formal Recognition

When parents attend Peep sessions with their child, Peep practitioners work with them to build upon all of the learning and development opportunities which they already provide on a daily basis. The Peep Progression Pathway units offer formal recognition of parents’ learning about child development during the Peep sessions. The units are offered at SCQF levels 3, 4 and 5, to make them accessible to all parents. Each unit has 2 - 4 credits, focusing on one or several aspects of child development, covered in approximately 12 Peep sessions.

The Peep Progression Pathway - as its name suggests - often leads to parents and carers engaging in further training or qualifications, or new career opportunities:

  • We have 10 College agreements in place throughout Scotland, which means that parents/carers have opportunities for college tours and interviews once they have received their qualification.

“As a College we value prospective students who have completed the Peep Progression Pathway as it demonstrates a dedication to learning and enhances many skills learners require for college.” (Lecturer)

  • Some of our parents/carers have changed career since completing the Peep Progression Pathway:

“Through the Peep Progression Pathway (‘Early literacy’ then ‘Early maths’ units) I was learning so many new things about child development that I realised that I would love to work with children… so I completed Core 3 in Maths, then applied for a job as a learning assistant, and I am now working in the nursery class in my local primary school. I absolutely love my job and wish that I had made the move sooner, but without going to the Peep group I would never have been confident enough to do it!” 

Learners also report that they enjoyed creating their Peep Progression Pathway portfolio as a lasting keepsake about what they did with their child, and found the process beneficial in other ways:

  • furthering their understanding of child development
    “It’s good to really consider why you do things and how it benefits your child.” (Parent)

  • enhanced parent confidence and relationship with their baby or child 
    “The course allowed me to grow in confidence in being able to understand babies' needs and wants. The talk time and listening to others helps put your own experiences into perspective. I'm able to listen to my baby more now and decipher cries and wants - tired, bored, hungry etc.” (Parent)

  • personal development
    “I haven’t had to think critically for a while, so it’s been good to get back into it.” (Parent)

  • enjoyment
    “I've recommended it to all my friends. A very worthwhile and valuable (Parent)

For more information on the Peep Progression Pathway, visit peeple.org.uk


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